Sapele and two weeks of scrupulous work. This is what it takes to craft a single pair of Corewood sunglasses. Our engineer knew from the very beginning that Sapele will make the perfect ally in manufacturing this type of sunglasses.
Just so that you know, Sapele is a large tree native to Africa. It is widely used to manufacture guitar bodies, the neck piece of ukuleles, and the interior wood trim of Cadillac cars. It is easy to love Sapele, a very resistant and obedient wood when it comes to work it with hand tools. Plus, the beautiful graining makes it noble-looking.
All this sounds wonderful, but it was quite a challenge for our engineer in our team to master sunglasses manufacturing. " They remind me of prehistoric snow goggles", was making jokes about our first of sunglasses the man who tested them.




And he was right. The first pair of handcrafted sunglasses were far from perfection. The hardest was to make the round parts of the frame smooth and elegant. Only after two years of hard work, of testing and re-testing we could exclaim: "these sunglasses are perfect".