Are you bored? It means that you desperately need Emma. And we are not talking about a girl, but about a chic pair of sunglasses. Modern cities usually bore us with grey colors. Concrete is the cause of our artsy protest. Here it is our opinion about what “La vie en rose” means. It starts with a Vermillion red color glass, coming from BBGR. For those who don’t know, BBGR is an innovative French lens manufacturer that has 160 years’ experience. Is it long enough to trust and love it? Absolutely. This fine glass is living a great romance with the type of wood we use in particular for this model. We talk about Wenge wood. Wenge is a tree native to Africa and is used in manufacturing musical instruments.


La vie en rose


And looks mean nothing when the content does not please us. This is how it works in life, folks! That is why Emma becomes so wanted. You don’t quite feel this pair of sunglasses that light it is. And then, your eyes live a continuous visual orgasm from the colors you get. Just like in the movies. The sky becomes purple and suddenly all the things around you make sense. Everything is so clear, greatly contoured. The magic ends when you take them off. All looks washed out and dull. So why take them off anyway?