Our story


Our sunglasses come from nature. It is pure wood and pure soul that we put into them. We are two friends with a great respect for nature and wood which have been serving humans in so many ways for thousands of years.

We love hiking in the mountains and in the woods. There we find inspiration, in the nature that has no flaws. One of the walks in the wild ended with a project. Crazy about engineering and creating beautiful things we found ourselves crafting the first pair of wood sunglasses. One of us, engineer by profession, worked hard on designing a shape that would remind the original source, that is nature. Every detail is crafted manually and passionately. And it took us 2 years to reinvent, rethink, and rebuild that first pair of sunglasses, in order to get the perfect frame - stylish, but authentic; comfortable, but true to what wood means and it is.

We keep that first pair of sunglasses to this day as a reminder of where we started from and of what we want to achieve. We want you to feel the wilderness and the power of wood.
These sunglasses are made for people who live to stay closer to nature.